Mr. Teal

A tiny Windows program for pleasant and enhanced reading and browsing of comics and other images

Screenshot of Mr. Teal program window showing comic
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    A tool for reading webcomics (or any set of sequential images) with annotation. Current version is 1.9. Source available on Github.

  4. Instructions
  5. To install for Windows: download the zip file, extract to a directory, run mrteal.exe.

    Linux builds coming eventually, but you can make your own with QB64. See for more information. (note: due to extensive reliance on Windows shell commands for file acquisition, Linux build will likely have a much reduced feature set and thus not be a priority. Sorry. I make software I can use. Feel free to take it and run with it if you want.)

    This file contains only public domain example images. For comic packages, see below.

    To add images, copy or move a directory into the program folder. Images will be detected and indexed automatically when loaded from the main menu. Currrently supported formats are PNG, JPG, BMP and GIF.

    Drag a directory onto the executable to copy the directory and open the program to the main menu. The imported directory will be marked (new).

    and arrow keys to navigate.

    and arrow keys to scroll image vertically.

    Hold Shift while pressing to resize the window. (also supports dragging the edge of the window with the mouse.

    Home resizes the window to fit the current image.

    F for Fullscreen (Alt + Enter cycles through different fullscreen modes.)

    J to Jump to a specific image number (leave blank to cancel, any input greater than the number of images will jump to the last one.)

    A to view Alt text.

    S makes alt text Show by default.

    I to view image Information.

    O to keep image information On.

    W to Write new alt text for the current image.

    Ctrl-C to Copy the alt text for the current image to the clipboard. Ctrl-X instead copies the full file path.

    L to return to the main file menu and Load another directory.

    Q to Quit.

    Default folder is saved in main program directory as default.txt. Delete this file or press L during program operation to clear default.

    There are no plans to support horizontal scrolling at this time.

  6. Buglist/to-do

  7. Comic packages

  8. Comic packages are hosted off-site due to storage/bandwidth concerns. If any of these downloads is broken please let me know.

    To install, unzip into the mr_teal directory. Report any bugs to or use the contact form.

    I obviously am in no way affiliated with Achewood and all credit for these packages goes to Chris Onstad; I'm just a fan who re-reads the archives frequently, and wanted the best possible way to do that. Please support the author if you are able at

    I grant full permission to use this program for any purpose, including commercially. If you have a set of comics you'd like to see here, drop me a line.