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Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection Review

July 22, 2018



Update: It’s a damn shame that the technical issues made such a bad first impression, because this game is incredibly good. Original review is at the bottom. I liked it enough that I had to update it.

I recently back-graded to Windows 7, and for giggles I wanted to see if that fixed any of the glitches. Lo and behold, the disappearing textures were magically fixed. I’m not going to blame the game for that, because Windows 10 is a dumpster full of garbage. The cutscene bug still persisted, but installing the K-lite codec pack allowed me to watch them - however, they still play slower than they should and without any of the sound effects. The cutscenes aren’t a HUGE deal, and really only show up at the beginning and end of the game, although I do think that disabling them and looking the cutscenes up on Youtube would have detracted from the warm and fuzziness.

Because this is a very “warm and fuzzy” kind of game. It is bursting with charm. I loved every second of it. The writing and localization are incredible. I laughed, I cried, etc etc.

Mechanically, the game’s nothing to write home about. The combat is very straightforward button-mashing and you’re in no real danger at any point, but it feels okay and doesn’t get in the way of the rest of the game. They don’t overdo it with the combat - the dungeons are broken up with plenty of little puzzles and events and things to interact with. Even though it’s one-note, it never felt tedious, except for the optional dungeons that open up at the end of the game, which you can absolutely just skip. You won’t miss anything important.

I’m very glad I it another shot. The technical issues are a bummer, but I liked the game enough that I can forgive them.

Original review (Jan. 2, 2018)

Game soft-locks whenever a cutscene plays. I had to disable them to play. This is a very common issue, and nothing’s been done to address it. I also got a glitch on my machine where object textures blink in and out based on my character’s proximity to the object. Reported the bug, a developer responded and did not fill me with confidence that this will be addressed either. Video of the second bug is here: []

It seems lovely otherwise, so if you decide to pick it up, make sure you check to make sure it works within 2 weeks. I made the mistake of buying it at launch even though I didn’t have time to play then, because I love Nihon Falcom games and wanted to support them. Now I have a game I can’t play and no way to get my money back. I’m really disappointed.

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