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UDJAT: Union for the Destruction of Javascript, Ads and Tracking Cookies

November 13, 2018

This site follows UDJAT guidelines for a safer, more private, cleaner, faster, more pleasant web experience. We believe that the internet is for people, not corporations, and the evolution of the web has taken a destructive path that makes it easy for corporations to mine your data and show you ads, but hard for individuals to use.

The modern web is slow, bloated, and full of garbage that we never wanted there in the first place. UDJAT believes there is beauty in simplicity. Our websites will never use javascript, ads or tracking cookies. They will load almost immediately. Images will be small, and let you click them to view the full-size image in a new window. We won’t shoehorn in any unnecessary social features. That’s not what a personal website is for. There won’t be links to tweet, toot, share, like, comment, or subscribe on each post.

Text will be readable, with large fonts and accessible color contrasts. There will be no superfluous features to “keep the reader engaged”. Metrics are bullshit. Analytics are bullshit. Don’t make something to get a lot of clicks, make something because you love it. We will never track or identify you, or collect data of any sort.

If you agree with these principles, you may display the UDJAT emblem.

UDJAT emblem

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