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Let It Die Review

November 13, 2018


Not recommended

I really enjoyed everything about the game until the halfway point. I was very excited about continuing. Until I discovered what happens after you defeat the second boss. Now I’m uninstalling it.

Levels 1-20 of the dungeon, if a character dies, you have two options to get it back: You can pay an amount of in-game currency to retrieve the character with their full inventory, or you could get the character back for free, sans any items they were holding. This was a good balance. When I lost a character it was disappointing, it was a setback, especially if I had found some good or rare items, but I wanted to get back in there. It was costly but not unbearable.

After level 20, for no reason, these options become “pay in-game currency to get your character back… or pay the real-money currency.” The free option is gone. Lose a level 75 character and don’t have enough coins to get them back? You’re f—-d. Have fun starting a new level 1 character and either grinding out the coins or grinding out levels until they’re strong enough to kill your old character. The original character is as good as gone, forever. Did the second character die? Don’t have enough coins, because they’re slowly eaten away by a raid system you can’t opt out of? Too bad, looks like you’re starting a new level 1 character, what a shame.

This game is deceptive and abusive, and it doesn’t respect your time. The first half of the game was designed well enough to make me think this is a rare example of a free-to-play game done right, but it’s not, it’s just a slow burn. Do not download this game.


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