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Fun With Junkmail

October 31, 2018

Here’s a fun tip: if you get junk mail, and they include a response card or envelope that says “no postage necessary” on it, you can write why they suck on there, drop it in any mailbox, and they have to pay for it!

It’ll probably just get tossed by an underpaid mail room worker, so of course you shouldn’t write personally insulting or vulgar shit on there, but you never know, if enough people do it, someone might call attention to it.

I received an offer for a free trial issue from a popular leftist magazine that used a (sadly all too common) scummy business tactic to trick people into giving them money, so I wrote “negative option billing is unethical” on the reply card instead of my address. They sound like they would be against that sort of thing, so maybe they just didn’t know.

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