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August 2, 2018

The new Zachtronics game comes with two copies of a 1997 hacker zine called Trash World News and a mysterious secret envelope

Trash World News zine

They make extremely in-depth programming games like TIS-1000 and SHENZHEN I/O. I had avoided their games in the past because I’m worried it’ll be the combo of stressful and addictive that makes me spend way too much time and not feel good about it, but this aesthetic was too good to pass up

People who bought the physical copy are supposed to get an early access key, but it wasn’t in the mailer. I guess I’m going to get an e-mail later on. The first issue makes me excited to see what the story is like, though. The game mechanics/programming language looks very daunting but the zine looks like it teaches it in a way that might be accessible? I guess I’ll find out.

[Exapunks trailer on youtube]

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