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Contact Form Fixed

August 2, 2018

Apparently the contact form was broken in Chrome and Firefox even before I deleted the PHP file, because after I restored it I realized the submit button just… wasn’t submitting. It looks like those browsers don’t want anything to do with a contact form if it’s wrapped inside an <li> element, which is really weird, but whatever. It didn’t need to be, I just had it like that because it matched the rest of the structure of the page.

So that’s taken care of. Still trying to hunt down the generators. I’m sure they’re somewhere. If not, it wouldn’t be hard for me to remake them. Maybe I should make a program with all of the generators I make that you can download instead of using Twine.

I really like how easy Twine is to use and I’m glad it exists. I just wish there was something exactly like it except that it makes a computer program instead of a javashit.

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