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Bug Report

November 14, 2018

Received a bug report from anonymous:

Hi, so your post about resizing says to drop a line if we experience issues, not sure if it’s really an issue but just to be sure you know: the resizing icon is on the left corner, no problem. But when I hold it and move my cursor, it reacts like if I’m holding the right corner instead (in the sense that the distance between my cursor and the right corner doesn’t change). If I move to the right, the page size increases. To the left it decreases. It works but it’s kind of unexpected. Using firefox on manjaro, not using any without add-on.

And a follow-up:

Oh and the page “thank you for your feedback” is upside-down, I guess that’s a side effect of the resizing divs.

Yep, the second one’s a goof, I just forgot that I was using the same stylesheet there. Should be fixed.

As for the first one, I’m really not sure what the cause is and whether there’s a fix, unfortunately. Firefox works as expected on Windows, but it is kind of a kludge, and if I get enough reports of things breaking I’ll disable it. It’s not surprising that this stuff is going to behave differently even in the same browser across different operating systems. It’s a neat trick but ultimately not essential.

I appreciate the feedback!

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