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July 20, 2018

So I set up a template thing with Hugo and I like it. I was able to use it with my existing CSS pretty seamlessly and it is sufficiently stripped-down for my taste.

I like the idea of a static site CMS that allows me to just kinda slam out blog entries without thinking too much about updating everything and moving HTML files around. I want just a window I can type a stream of consciousness into (with basic markdown functionality) and it just updates my site without me having to think too much. I’m using nano to write the posts and it’s a nice minimal text interface. (although they really need to do something about these keyboard shortcuts - come on, Ctrl-K for “Cut Text” and Ctrl-U for “Uncut Text”? The last nano release was 35 days ago, for god’s sake. Get it together, people.)

I need to figure out some sort of FTP solution that monitors the content directory and uploads new posts automatically - that’s the only part that still feels like a barrier I have to get over. But a blog CMS that just works with all my existing layouts and requires no Javascript or other server fuckery is super appealing to me. I’m glad I looked into it.

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