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0 for 2 with Wiinupro

July 25, 2018

That’s two computers I’ve installed Wiinupro on, and two on which it hasn’t worked.

I’m having exactly the same issue on my work1 computer. The only solution I’ve seen suggested is installing the Toshiba bluetooth stack, which is like a mind-numbing 27-step process and I don’t even know what a “bluetooth stack” is, and I don’t want to risk messing up my other bluetooth devices (I always feel like it’s one of those technologies where everything is held together with twine and bubblegum) so I guess the Wii U Pro Controller will only be used with my Wii U, for now.

It’s a shame. I’ve spent a little time with it (playing Breath of the Wild and Xenoblade X) and it’s a nice, solid controller. It mostly feels like you’re using the game pad but in a smaller, more comfortable form factor. The buttons and D-pad seem identical, which is good! I wish I could use it with my PC.

I don’t know why it’s so hard to get a PC controller that doesn’t have something wrong with it. Why is nobody on top of this? There are no good PC controllers, if someone finally made a good one they’d corner the market.

My next option would be trying an Xbox One controller, and that introduces its own host of problems. I can’t find conclusive evidence that the controller actually works with Windows 7.

I mean, Microsoft’s official Xbox website suggests that it’s as simple as plugging the controller in with USB and installing the software, and it should just work. It makes it sound like it’ll just connect over Bluetooth easy-peasy.

But the language is just vague enough that I want confirmation of someone actually doing this before I spend the money, and I can’t find it. Everyone talks about using some sort of Dongle, or how it works fine with Windows 10, or how it didn’t work with Windows 10 before the “creator’s update” (lol) and now it does. Or how it worked before the creator’s update, and now it doesn’t.

There’s this video of someone demonstrating how to use Xbox One controllers on Windows 7 or 8, and it involves going to some random forum and installing some random driver. The video’s only a year old. Has the problem been fixed since then? Who knows?

There’s this article that seems to imply that you need a dongle.

Do I need a dongle? That’s not what Microsoft is saying. Does it come with the controller? Well, I can buy one that comes with the dongle, but do I need to? Is it just an all-purpose Bluetooth dongle? This seems unlikely, because they’re charging an absolutely unconscionable $25 for it. For a dongle. $25 for a dongle. And it might just be plain old bluetooth. Maybe. That would be a new low in consumer fraud, but this is Microsoft we’re talking about.

Let’s try another video. This one makes it sound like the old Xbox One controller absolutely requires a dongle no matter what, and the new controller (which the person in the video calls the “Xbox One S” controller, but is only ever referred to in official documentation as the “Xbox Wireless Controller” – thanks y’all, clear as crystal) can connect via bluetooth, but only on Windows 10. Oh, and he says the old controller has to be updated before you can use it on Windows 7, and the update process can only be done on Windows 10. That video was from 2016 though, so is any of the information still accurate? Who knows?!

Here’s another video from 2017. It claims to show how to set the controller up on Windows 7, 8 and 10, but I skimmed through and the only OS that gets shown is 10. Maybe he explains it, but he’s unbearably tedious to listen to and starts with an ad for some controller grip bullshit. Also everyone in the comments is saying it doesn’t work.

Here’s a Reddit Thread where one person is the only source of a driver required to get the controller working on Windows, because Microsoft made it only available through Windows update, which doesn’t work. So people have been messaging this person for 2 years. No idea if this is for the Xbox One Wireless Controller or the Xbox (One S) Wireless Controller, though.

Here’s a thread which basically confirms the same thing, that you have to manually install the driver, but then throws in a “bluetooth only works on Windows 10” at the end for good measure. Thank’s

Also the person suggests that if it works over USB there might be a problem with the controller’s IR hardware?? Does the Xbox One (S) Wireless Controller have an infrared port?? Oh it’s for controlling your TV, of course, because the Xbox One is the All-In-One media entertainment device! Good to know the controller operates on WiFi Direct, though. I hate those controllers that use indirect WiFi.



[1] “Why are you playing games at work,” one might ask. The thing I do to pay the bills, by its very nature, has an unpredictable amount of downtime. Some nights are too busy to do much of anything, some nights I might have no work-related tasks for hours. That doesn’t mean I’m not working during that time; giving work-related tasks my time and attention is work. I only play games in a window, and only games I can pause or tab out of immediately when a work task appears. When that happens, I flip a switch in my brain and focus 100% of my energy and attention on the work task. In practice, this can actually be quite exhausting. It’s not easy to constantly refocus your attention and switch tasks on a dime, especially for someone prone to ADHD-like symtpoms (which might actually be ADHD, but I haven’t gotten a diagnosis.) I end up spending a lot of my “down time” just staring into space, because my brain is so primed for being interrupted constantly that it makes it hard to focus on anything else.

In the US, people have a pretty puritanical and sadistic concept of work, and there’s some people who would call me lazy for complaining about a cushy desk job where I can play video games at ALL. I am very privileged to have this job. I’ve had jobs where I have to constantly move for 8 hours with only a 10-minute break, if I’m lucky. It sucks. Nobody should have to deal with that. Humans bodies and minds aren’t made for that kind of constant abuse. If you’re dealing with that at your job, I feel for you. Our system is fucked up, what capitalism expects of us is unreasonable. But by turning on people who have it “easier” than you, you’re letting them win. Their M.O. is to turn us against each other so we don’t realize we’re both being screwed by a common enemy. Everyone’s labor is being exploited. Let’s work together to put a stop to it.

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