matt brabbin

Hi, I'm matt!

I have a blog.

I make games. I also play and talk about games.

My social network of choice is Mastodon. I'm currently most active on the instance.

Identity is verified on keybase. 🔑 823B 3AEF 5511 2DDD

E-mail me:, or you can use this form to contact me anonymously.

If you enjoy my work and would like to support me monetarily, you can buy my games or make a recurring donation on Liberapay.

Tox: 12D632F26D76A658106632C7FDC2B12C0AAF1F

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FB Messenger: mattbrabbin

Discord: matt #0199 / The Bump

All of my original work is published under the STARsoft license.

I also have my own radio station (sometimes active).